Business Services

customize your business lines to suite your needs

With ACT’s Simple Solutions, you can customize your business lines to suite your individual needs at a fixed, low monthly price.

ACT Simple Solutions Business Unlimited Plan$38.00/month*

Price includes:

  • Local Voice
  • Unlimited Long Distance
  • 16 Custom Calling Features including
    • Caller ID
    • Call Waiting
    • Call Waiting ID
    • Call Forwarding
    • Voice Mail
    • Line Hunt
    • Many more!

Enhanced Calling Features

ACT offers Enhanced Calling Features are the latest in communication’s technology. These low-cost, innovative features allow ACT voice customers a better way to utilize their business phone. These services are:

Fixed Number Call Forwarding$1.00/mo

Forwards incoming calls to a number that has been predetermined by the subscriber. Enables quick activation/deactivation without entering the destination number each time.

  • To enable, press *72 and wait for a confirmation tone
  • To disable, press *73


Allows subscriber to specify a list of numbers which are rung (in addition to subscriber’s own number) whenever subscriber’s line is called. Any of the numbers that are rung can answer the call.

  • Manage using MyPortal
  • To enable SimRing, press *361
  • To disable SimRing, press *362

Find Me Follow Me$5.00/mo

Allows subscriber to specify a list of numbers that are rung whenever subscriber’s line is called, and an order for those numbers. Each number is rung in order (and several numbers can be rung simultaneously) until one of them is answered, or the list is exhausted.

  • Manage using MyPortal
  • To enable Find Me Follow Me, press *371
  • To disable Find Me Follow Me, press *372

Do Not Disturb$1.00/mo

Allows subscriber to block their line temporarily to prevent incoming calls.

  • To enable Do Not Disturb, press *78
  • To disable Do Not Disturb, press *79

Call Hold$1.00/mo

Allows subscriber to put a call on hold in order to dial another number, and then switch between the two calls.

  • Hit flash-hook, dial *52, then dial other number

Reminder Call$1.00/mo

Allows subscriber to schedule reminder calls, either once or at regular intervals (for example daily or weekly).

Long Distance Mandatory Validated Account Codes$5.00/mo

Allows long distance calls to require that an account code is entered and validated against configured permitted values.

Privacy Defender$2.00/mo

Allows subscriber to screen and reject unwanted calls from telemarketers.

* Rates and discounts are only available if the business subscriber simultaneously subscribes to basic local exchange service.

Available to business customers only. Services are not available in all areas. Prices exclude taxes, surcharges and other fees. The Simple Solutions Plan is subject to the terms and conditions for the individual service components of the Simple Solutions Plan as set forth in the price schedule and applicable DSL service documents. Altering, suspending or disconnecting service may cancel price guarantee and may result in an early termination fee. The Simple Solutions for Business Plan is subject to a one, two or three year service agreement. If the Customer cancels the Plan during the agreed upon term, the customer will be assessed an early termination fee of $300.


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