Network Services

growing at a rapid rate

With the majority of cellular usage shifting from voice to data, the demand for wireless backhaul to wireless companies is growing at a rapid rate.

Smart phones, bandwidth hungry apps, and video demand for the on-the-go customers have recently pushed the volume of mobile data at an all-time high. Mobile carriers have responded to the demand for data by revamping their 3G networks to support LTE. We can help support his demand by offering a cost-effective solution by utilizing our MEF certified products and bringing fiber optics to each tower. We provide a host of benefits and solutions, which include:

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Assurance And Availability for wireless backhaul

  • End-to-end performance monitoring and Ethernet OAM
  • Y.1564
  • Y.1734
  • RFC2544
  • Layer 1, 2, 3 diagnostic loopbacks
  • (SLAs) to 99.999% network availability
  • H-QOS (Quality of Service)
  • Circuit validation and throughput measurement (CIR, EIT, CBS, EBS)
  • Standardized service protection and redundancy mechanisms
    • LAG (802.3ad)
    • Ethernet ring (Both G.8032 and G.8032v2)
    • EVC protection (G.8031)
  • IP and performance management

Business Solutions

  • Mobile Demarcation
  • Cell-Site Connectivity
  • Hub-Site Connectivity
  • Fiber Extension
  • Ethernet Over Bonded PDH/SDH/SONET
  • Seamless Scalability as Bandwidth Demands Increase


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