The Hub On Smith

Community Spotlight

We love being neighbors with The Hub, not only do they have the best job titles (They have a Director of Fun!), they are continually doing awesome things for all generations of Sheridan. For over 40 years, the Hub has been identifying and meeting the various needs that older adults have throughout Sheridan County. Last year they served over 4,800 individuals, more than any other Wyoming senior center. The Sheridan County community is quickly growing as a popular retirement community and has a larger older adult population than many locations throughout the state.

Interviews with the staff of The Hub on Smith

What is your favorite part about working at The Hub?

Terri H. – Director of Volunteer Services: It’s always busy and I enjoy the  people I meet.

Haley R. – Director of Communications: The relationships that you make, you can actually see and feel how you make a difference in our patron’s lives.

What makes you and your team unique in Sheridan?

Haley R: We are Sheridan’s only senior center!

What inspires your work?

Terri H: Being able to help.

Haley R: I love being able to get the word out on our services to our seniors and our community, we have so much to offer!

What has been your biggest success or favorite project?

Terri H: Finding a great match for a volunteer that also benefits the HUB.

Haley R: I love doing the newsletter!

What has been your biggest challenge?

Terri H: The ebb and flow of volunteers in and out of the community

Haley R: Marketing to so many different generations through lots of different marketing strategies

What do other businesses or organizations do that inspire you?

Terri H: Business’s that encourage and support their teams delivering meals for our home delivered meals program!!

Haley R: I love the YMCA; they are always trying to do more and are such a staple in our community!

What do people not know about The Hub that they should know?

Terri H: Great place to hang and socialize for all ages- Great breakfast and lunches- (I know I have gained some lb’s!)

Haley R: That we are open 365 days a year! And that nobody lives here..haha

What is the history of The Hub?

Haley R: In December of 1973 our organization, the Senior Citizens Council, became a private non-profit corporation. The people who founded our organization were part of a grass roots group of community volunteers who became the first Board of Directors.

What’s happening in the future for The Hub that you’re excited about?

Terri H: Great place to hang and socialize for all ages- Great breakfast and lunches- (I know I have gained some lb’s!)

Haley R: We will always be continuing to grow and add more services which is always exciting!

Tell us an interesting and fun tidbit about your organization.

Haley R: The statue of the crane outside of The Hub is named Ichabod!


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