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We work with Bighorn Design Studio for most of ACT’s clothing and embroidery needs. They have put our logo on everything from bags, hats, shirts, jackets and everything in between. PJ Treide and his staff pride themselves on a quick turnaround and a high quality of work and we couldn’t agree more. We stopped by with a plate of cookies and treats and were treated to a behind the scenes tour of their shop. We couldn’t believe the growth that they are experiencing and the work they do for companies across the USA. Don’t miss a chance to stop in and see what new and creative design they’re putting out!

Interviews with the staff of Bighorn Design Studio.

What is your favorite part about working for Bighorn Designs?

Mary Jane: The flexibility and constant change creates an atmosphere that is never boring

Alex: Getting to work with clients that are passionate about their brands and their brands success. Helping them to develop their brand further with unique product development.

What makes you and your team unique in Sheridan?

Mary Jane: The fulfillment center for all our website from all over the United States

Alecia: Most of us never came with the background of the exact skill set we needed to do the job. Most has been on-the-job training with perfecting skills over the years.

What inspires your work?

Alex: Gaining and maintaining strong working relationships with coworkers as well as customers and vendors. Every person and business is unique and it keeps the work day interesting and ever changing.

Mary Jane: PJ’s enthusiasm keeps even the little things exciting.

What has been your biggest success or favorite project?

Alecia: Creating the bison for Blacktooth Brewing or the bison peak design for Surf WY

What has been your biggest challenge?

Vicki: Putting orders into the system in the peak months, it gets busy!

Mary Jane: We have grown so fast that we have worked in very tight spaces and more than one building. Keeping the unity during those times and all the moving and shifting that has happened the last 4 years and we expect more growth to come.

What do other businesses do that inspire you?

Vicki: Have fun!

Tanya: Team building activities.

What do people not know about Bighorn Design that they should know?

Tanya: We are a very high producer for such a small company

Vicki: We do most all products in house within a two week turn around

Mary Jane: We supply and send product to customers all over the US.

Alecia: Customer service. We always try to strive to be better and make sure that every customer is taken care of in their own personal way.

What is the history of Big Horn Design?

Alecia: It’s been in business for over 20 years. It started as a ma and pa shop just to help the local business get gear while supporting the community. PJ bought it almost 4 years ago and has turned it into a company that shows aggressive growth while still supporting the community.

What’s happening in the future for Bighorn Design that you’re excited about?

Mary Jane: The constant expansion and all the new directions we are going that makes us not just a screen-print shop.

Tell us an interesting and fun tidbit about your business (e.g., your company mascot or pet, a fun outing your company held, the unorthodox way your leadership team brainstorms, the unusual ways your team communicates, etc.).

Mary Jane: We recently held a challenge with Blacktooth Brewing company on New Year’s Day between our employees and theirs. We played cornhole, life size beer-pong and life-size Jenga with a traveling trophy for the prize. I am sure it will be an annual event with new companies being brought in every year. Also, we all gather on Wednesday around the big embroidery table to take a few minutes to chat. We call it One-shot Wednesday. Everyone takes a shot together and shouts-out a success from that week and talk about upcoming projects. We then brainstorm for the future and go back to work.

Vicki: We help a competitive Olympic style event against Black tooth brewery. We lost but are holding another to redeem our reputation the best darn surfin’ company in the universe!

Bighorn Design staff, Vicki, Alecia, Tanya, Mary Jane and Alex with ACT staffers’ Rob Johnson and JJ McGinnis.


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