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An efficient and flexible connection for business voice communications

ACT’s Primary Rate services (PRI) can provide an efficient and flexible connection for your businesses voice communications. Use PRI service to connect your communications system to the telephone network, allowing for multiple telephone numbers, caller ID and advanced calling features, all at a much lower cost than other traditional solutions. With ACT’s PRI service, small and large businesses alike can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Up to 23 voice channels available to support your voice traffic
  • Capable of unlimited numbers of direct inward/outward dialing numbers (DID’s)
  • Advanced Calling Features such as Caller ID and Call Forwarding
  • If communications is your primary need, use of PRI rather than standard voice trunks may result in significant cost savings
  • Fully-customizable monitoring service

PRI service from ACT is a low cost, highly efficient, high speed option for your voice traffic. This all digital communications option will improve your network performance and trunking efficiency, while supporting advanced calling features such as Caller ID.


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